MP karmchari news – Memorandum to the School Education Minister in Gwalior for the fourth time scale for teachers.

Provincial President of Madhya Pradesh State Employees Union, Surendra Singh Bhadauria, today submitted a memorandum to School Education Minister Shri Uday Pratap Singh, who is on visit to Gwalior, demanding that as per the intention of Madhya Pradesh Government, after 35 years of service in all the departments,

the employees of all the departments The fourth time scale/promotion is to be given but as per the order of School Education Department Director, Public Education, Bhopal, there is a ban on giving the fourth time scale/promotion to assistant teachers and teachers.

Shri Bhadauria said that the ban imposed by the Directorate of Public Education is against the rules because it is clearly stated in point no. 1 of the order of the Finance Department that the one who has received the third time scale of promotion will get the benefit of the fourth time scale. When the Education Department Lecturers and Principals are being given fourth time scale after 35 years of service, then why are assistant teachers being discriminated against.

The union has requested the School Education Minister of Madhya Pradesh Government to provide the benefit to the Director of Public Education, Bhopal for providing fourth time scale promotion to assistant teachers and teachers after 35 years of service and also to give higher post charge to Class IV employees.