Funding of many schemes including scholarship stopped due to Laadli Bahana – MP NEWS

Former Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, Shri Shivraj Singh Chauhan had started Laadli Brahmin Yojana to win the assembly elections despite anti-incumbency. Due to the loan of Rs 3 lakh crore, there was no money in the government treasury for the Ladli Brahmin Scheme.

Now the situation has become such that by cutting the funds of many other schemes or by closing their funds completely, payments are being made every month under Ladli Brahmin Scheme.

Scholarship was not given to Laadli Bahana’s children.

A recent report has revealed that scholarships have not been paid to 6 lakh OBC students of Madhya Pradesh. This amount is Rs 482 crore which was to be given under Post Matric Scholarship. Apart from this, many types of funds including engineering scholarships and scholarships given to medical students have been stopped, which were used for school education and higher education.

Overall, the money which the government used to spend on the education of the children of Ladli Brahmin, is now being given to the mothers of the children under the Ladli Brahmin Scheme. Dozens and sometimes hundreds of thousands of rupees are paid out of one child’s scholarship.

45% of the departmental budget was cut and distributed to Ladli Bahna.

Officials of the Backward Class Welfare Department of Madhya Pradesh Government say that the total budget of their department was Rs 900 crore. Of this only Rs 500 crore has been spent so far. Rs 400 crores are left in the departmental budget, but the Finance Department is not transferring the funds.

Despite having provisions, they are not able to make the payment. The departmental budget has been reduced by approximately 45%.